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Technical Assistance

We are making our unremitting efforts to ensure our equipment is performing at its best during its throughout lifetime.
Wherever our customer locates, you will get a positive answer within 24 hours. Multi-skilled personnel will be sent to you for your technical assistance and maintenance needs. Our objective is to reduce your operational and maintenance cost, and to increase the equipment service rate.

Erection and Commissioning

We make throughout project implementation plans for each single project, and complement the organization, control and construction of equipment’s installation,start-up and acceptance at site, strictly respecting the fixed timeline. The services can be agreed as pure supervision or Lump Sum Turnkey. A TQCC internal quality standard is to be applied, which is equal to or even higher than international standards, thus all projects can be completed on a high-quality basis.

The training consists of theory course and hands-on practical sessions for better understand and digestion of the knowledge by your teams. Training contents include operation, safety practices, and maintenance skills on mechanic aspect, maintenance skills on electric & control aspect as well as know-how for crane whole-way maintenance management.

The training sessions can be provided at TQCC headquarter in China, or at project site, totally according to your requirements and availability.

Refurbishment, retrofit and Upgrade

This is another attentive R&D direction of TQCC. We make constant efforts to keep our equipments in advanced performances, functions and reliability. Our new concept and new designs not only apply for new products but also for existed products. With our refurbishment /upgrade/ retrofit service, it is no more impossible to re-increase the longevity, profitability and productivity of your production tools, thus improving your smelter’s profitability in a practical way.

Availability confirmation

We can always have some positive actions to keep or improve the safety, reliability and availability of equipments. We have experienced experts to do structural calculation, figure out critical technical issues, plan and apply a whole performance diagnosis, confirm potential retrofit or upgrade to better functions, and obtain re-certification or life extension for your cranes.

Supply and Storage of Spare Parts

In order to ensure customers’ uninterrupted production, we have adequate storage of spare parts mainly the long lead time items like wheels, frequent turn-over items like cables and bolts with fast worldwide distribution channels.

A dedicated approach is set for quick processing of your spare parts quotation requests:[email protected]

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